Electronics and software are increasingly playing a key role in almost all areas of everyday life. More and more technical appliances can no longer do without a network or the connection to the internet.
However, control units and electronic systems are vulnerable and require particular protection. Thus, the emerging risks for the safety of the end users must be minimised to the greatest possible extent.

Thus, standardised safety standards such as the IEC 61508, which the manufacturer has to establish, apply to safety-critical systems. We are specialised in identifying and closing evidential gaps in complex development projects as well as in developing safe systems.
With more than 15 years of experience in Functional Safety and Safety Engineering, we provide competent advice to our customers on all safety projects and keep track of all relevant safety standards and the necessary procedure of providing evidence.

Automotive Safety
Due to the changed requirements of the automotive industry, mechanical systems are increasingly being replaced by software. In this connection, more and more safety-relevant fields of activity are created in the vehicle development. Nowadays, autonomous interventions in driving dynamics, driver assistance systems and the close connection of the internet with the vehicle are already part of our everyday life.

The proof of safety according to ISO 26262 is our speciality - we identify gaps in the procedure of providing evidence, close them sustainably and make them audit-proof. Not only do we provide advice, but it is also a matter of course for us to help to shoulder the necessary tasks as part of the development team. For this purpose, we use our extensive network of partners to provide our customers with appropriate capacities.

Defence Safety
In modern defence technology, comprehensive evidence of the system safety is mandatory to obtain the approval for usage. We have a good command of the manual on providing evidence of the system safety. Further, we have supported numerous safety-critical projects successfully - both as consultant for the BAAINBw and on the part of the defence-technology industry.
We contribute our long-standing experience from projects of all branches of military services.
The international safety standards DIN EN 61508 as well as MIL-STD-882 often play a central role in the procedure of providing evidence. We support both the contracting authority and the manufacturing industry in the optimum implementation of their safety-related systems.


We are experts in the area of process optimisation – we develop optimum workflows in line with the industry standards. Due to our long-standing experience, we know the requirements of the safety standards and are aware of the difficulties in the operational implementation.
In order to be able to respond more quickly to new requirements of the industry, we support our customers in the analysis of process gaps and evidential gaps. We develop comprehensive suggestions for improvement and adjust them within their structures, and establish the process improvement sustainably. In this process, we purposefully work towards the complete provision of evidence of the respective safety standard. Together with our customers, we prepare a compliance matrix without gaps. This matrix serves as basis for providing evidence of the process maturity.


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